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To provide a safe, welcoming and professional environment for clients to receive many benefit from intuitive, therapeutic massage services. Also, to provide a launching pad for success for fellow massage therapists, healing and  wellness practitioners. 

Anyone can try something once, BUT

If you come back for a 2nd massage within 45 days of your first appointment, I'll give you $15 off. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I get a massage?

Typically speaking and industry standard is  about one time a month. This totally depends on your level of health , if you are working to unwind areas of tension/discomfort and/or prepping for a sporting event. In these cases,  you would likely come more often than once a month. Many chronic pain clients also have found that massage therapy  on a more regular basis is beneficial in maintaining a higher quality of life. 


How can massage therapy help me?

The beauty of this answer lies in the body of the beholder. Massage therapy can help manage chronic pain, can help you achieve high athletic goals, can help you manage a stressful life or just be a resource for a particularly aggravated muscle, for instance.  My ultimate favorite is connecting you back into your body. 


There are so many types of massage, how do I know what to pick?

Good question. I say try many different modalities and see what makes you feel the best with the best outcome. The advantage of working with a private practice practitioner is that you don't need to choose, it's often customized to your liking!